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The Big Eat 2 - Training in a Professional Kitchen

The Big Eat 2 is a training program set up by Maida Hill Place in collaboration with Westminster Adult Education Service.

This course is free if you are aged 19+, out of work and a Westminster resident.

The training sessions will be Thursday evenings and Saturday day. All participants will be involved in planning and marketing a number of events.

If you want to kick off a career in the catering industry drop me a line: simon@maidahillplace.co.uk 

New intake: March 2018 


Course outline

Introduction session: The New Whole Foods Philosophy

  1. Whole Foods philosophy
  2. Nutrient-dense foods, macro & micronutrients
  3. Refined & processed foods
  4. Plant-based cooking: The new main course
  5. Sustainable seafood
  6. Sustainable meat/poultry

Unit 1: Knife skills

  1. How to use a chef’s knife
  2. How to use a paring knife
  3. How to use a meat filleting knife
  4. How to use a fish filleting knife
  5. Professional cuts and turning
  6. Knife care 

Unit 2: Food safety

  1. Introduction to food safety
  2. Causes of food-borne illness
  3. Proper hand washing and personal hygiene
  4. Storing food safely
  5. Keys to food safety chain/HACCP
  6. Introduction to the FSE and the laws covering food
  7. Health & Safety, allergen laws and food labelling
  8. Safety & health at work
  9. Level 2 food handling certification (City & Guilds accredited)

Unit 3: Safely preparing and serving food

  1. Preparing food safely
  2. Cross-contamination
  3. Using thermometers
  4. Recording and reporting
  5. Cleaning for food safety 

Unit 4: Combination ovens

  1. Principles of combination cooking
  2. Programming the Rational/Lincat combination oven
  3. Using steam, combination and dry heat options
  4. Using oven thermometer cooking control
  5. Maintenance and health/safety issues

Unit 5: Induction and sous vide cooking

  1. Introduction to induction technology
  2. The advantages of sous vide
  3. Operating vacuum chambers
  4. Using thermometer cooking control
  5. Maintenance and health/safety issues

  Unit 6: Working in a professional kitchen

  1. Introduction to the brigade system
  2. Roles of the head and sous chefs, chefs de parti, commi, kitchen assistants and KPs
  3. Opening and closing a kitchen
  4. Maintenance, cleaning and health/safety issues

   Unit 7: Event management

  1. Cash flows, menu budgeting and basic business planning
  2. Event planning and marketing
  3. Executing a menu
  4. Introduction to hosting, front of house and service

  Unit 8: Special diets (OPTIONAL)

  1. Understanding diabetes
  2. Low cholesterol foods
  3. Allergens
  4. Gluten free
  5. Saturated & unsaturated fats
  6. Changing diets, keeping flavours
  7. Fruits and vegetables
  8. Soya & Nuts
  9. Oats and Barley
  10. Plant sterols and stanols

  Unit 9: Submersion cooking

  1. Blanching & parboiling
  2. Preparing stocks & soups

Unit 10: Combination & dry heat cooking

  1. Roasting, brazing and stewing
  2. Pan frying & pan sauces

  Unit 11: Meat, poultry and Sea Food (OPTIONAL) 

  1. Selecting and processing fish and sea food
  2. Preparing poultry
  3. Understanding and selecting meats

Unit 12: Rice & grains 

  1. Cooking lentils, rice & peas
  2. Steamed rice – plain & infused
  3. Rice – pilaf and risotto method

Unit 13: Wheat & gluten

  1. Selecting breads
  2. Health considerations of gluten
  3. Principles of bread
  4. How to select and cook pasta
  5. Seitan and plant-based meats

Unit 14: Menu & service

  1. Types of service
  2. Costing a service
  3. Executing a menu
  4. Hosting, front of house and service
  5. Opening and closing an event

Event Planning and Menu Development

  • February classes are geared towards a series of events, including restaurant service, canapés, banquets, community eating and fine dining. They will consist of students putting into practice all that has been learned, revising units and refreshing skills.


Thu 15th Mar 2018
18:00 - 20:00
Maida Hill Place
2-4 Fernhead Road
W9 3ET
Event finished
For more information about this event please email manager@maidahillplace.co.uk

“When you're starting out it is hard to know when to take the leap out of cooking from your own home to paying rent. Maida Hill offered the flexibility my business needed in the early stages. The large combination oven and walk in fridge are fantastic... a dream come true after cooking at home”

Naomi, Lunchbox London